Thursday, September 2, 2010

records, ETC


Deadbeat Beat is playing a last-minute gig at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival this Sunday. 8 pm. Free. Gogogogogo.


I just went to the record store for the first time in a WHILE w/ Alex. Spent a lil bit too much money. No more record shopping for this girl for another month. BUT, this is what I picked up...

The Rose Garden, S/T

Only album from a sort-of unremarkable 60s folk-rock group. I bought it because it had two Gene Clark songs I'd never heard before. When I got home and looked the band up on the internet, it was kinda funny because Allmusic says super geeky Byrds fans will buy it because it has the only recordings of two Gene Clark songs on it. Bahhhhh. The girl in the band has a really deep voice and I guess the song "Next Plane to London" was a hit back in the day. Listening to it; just got to side two. So far I like everything except the lead vocals on their cover of "She Belongs to Me." Um also they have a song called "Flower Town" and somehow Kim Fowley has a writing credit on it. It's so serious. BAHHHH.

The Bee Gees, "Bee Gee's 1st"

Not gonna lie, I'm happy I got this, but I wish it was Robin Gibb's super bitter solo record "Robin's Reign" instead.

The Rolling Stones, "Flowers"

Okay I know it's almost "Between the Buttons" but I don't care because it's mono and the first pressing. And it has so many hits. And I looked it up on ebay and it's going for more than twice what I paid. Woooooooo. And I like the cover. And mono.

The Rubinoos, "Back to the Drawing Board"

I remember when that Avril Lavigne song came out (ya know the one that Lil Mama later collaborated w/ Avril on a remix version) and Zak sent me a link to a fake Rubinoos MySpace that had the song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" and it was the same song, basically. MIND BLOWN. Then 4 years later I bought this album because it was rainy and I needed to spend money on records so I wouldn't be depressed on account of the weather. Look at that cover. How could you be depressed.

Joni Mitchell, "Blue"

An all-time fave that for some reason I didn't own in this format.

Sometimes blogging about records I bought makes me feel better that I'm probably only going to be eating peanut butter 'til I get paid again next Thursday.

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