Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not tryin'a brag

BUT I bought The Velvet Underground & Nico on LP yesterday, and I still can't believe it's real. I freak out every time I see it. Pretty sure this is only the second time I've ever seen one in real life even. It's like a jackalope.

In band news, we're still waiting for Matt to get his space echo fixed so we can mix our recordings. It's a hard life.

Oh! Then our landlord came over because there was some weird house inspection from the city and "Heroin" was blaring from my room. Totally awkward. Had to move the needle over to "There she goes again." It's a hard life.

We're playing with Turbo Fruits and Pujol and the Terrible Twos at the lager house on the 16th of November. It's a FUN life.

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