Monday, November 1, 2010


You can download our 3 song EP that was recorded on my laptop here:

At least I think you can. You should be able to. Try it, let me know how it goes.

We're playing two out of state shows this week. Friday in Athens, Ohio with the Davenports and Queen Bee & the Honey Donts. Saturday in Nashville with Diarrhea Planet, Big Surr, and D. Watusi.

THEN we're playing with even more bands from Nashville in DETROIT Tuesday November 16th at the Lager House. Pujol, Turbo Fruits, and us. It's also a Terrible Twos record release, which is awesome.

AND I guess Matt got his space echo fixed and secretly mixed our REAL recordings in the night. As soon as those are real, they'll be up on the internet for all to hear.

This post has too much band information, not enough wacky.

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