Friday, June 25, 2010

Break it up!

Totally on my break at the bookstore. The Internet never works at work except today! I'm not gonna talk about what's happened at work so far because you're not supposed to post about that sort of stuff on the Internet!

However, I will say that I am bummed that I'm working until 11 pm tonight + opening at 8 am tomorrow morning because I kinda wanted to go see Kommie Kilpatrick. If I still worked at LBD I'd probably go anyway because customers couldn't really see if I was sleep deprived/hung over because I could hide behind a counter. And my face was always flushed because of the pizza oven anyway. But at the bookstore I have to help people find things and sell them e-readers and memberships, so how my face looks matters a little bit more. And I guess at the deli I didn't have to be in until 10 am on Saturdays anyway. Which was so much cooler than every other morning I worked, which began at 7 am!!!!! Oh man, all this talking about food service jobs makes me miss them already.

Hmm, what else can I BLOG about? Alex always posts pictures/vids so I'm trying to offset them with text so our BLOG seems more legit. I guess I'll talk about things I've been digging lately:

"Younger Than Yesterday" by the Byrds (I wrote about buying this on vinyl in my last post)
the Byrds in GENERAL
making dresses out of giant dudes button down shirts from Value World (if you buy them in XXL they're totally long enough for a 5'5" gurl)
trying to keep my room clean (NOT)
drinking Oberon
alphabetizing books/records (thanks bookstore job)

Okay, well, guess I have ten minutes left until it's back to the grind. If I'm going to pee, might as well put my stuff away and get the bathroom key now. SEE YA GUYS LATER.

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