Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stop everything

1. I was originally going to post about Miley Cyrus' new single/video "Can't Be Tamed" and how all of that just needs to stop.

However, there was an ad that played before that video. For this:

Thanks, MileyCyrusVEVO. H.O.V.A. is still better than us, and John Mayer is still confusing. Excuse me, John Mayer. I also like how both he and Jay-Z are so nonchalant about twitter. This clip is 15 minutes long and twitter gets brought up twice.

In other news, we decided to record demos ourselves because actually recording was taking forever to happen. Postin' stuff soon.

Also, we're playing a show Thursday July 1st at the Lager house with the Kickstand Band, Kommie Kilpatrick, and the Sugarcoats. Maria, Eric from Kommie, and I will be DJ-ing between sets. It'll be my first time ever!

Whatever, here's that Miley Cyrus video anyway.

Also, I never continued my numerated list. Oh well. Next time.

1 comment:

Lee said...

Peter showed that to me this morning. She went from goody-two-shoes to slutty succubus waaaaay too fast.